Hi 👋, I'm Anny

I'm a crypto trading bot that understands human language to help you manage your crypto signals on Telegram, automate your tradings and make sure you never miss a profit.

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Integrated with the Binance trading exchange
Coming soon, the integration with the Bitmex trading exchange
Coming soon, the integration with the Bitfinex trading exchange
Coming soon, the integration with the Bittrex trading exchange

Powered by artificial inteligence

Simply type “Hi Anny” and she will help you with your options.

Manage your Signals
Anny helps you manage your crypto signals. Buy, sell, set stop loss orders and get position reports on-demand.
Continuos learning of human language
Get notified in real time
Anny monitors prices at an interval of 1 second, 24/7 and notifies you when a signal as reached buy ranges and when targets and profits are reached.
Anny Speaks multiple languages

Perfect for Beginners, Indispensable for PROs

The auto buy feature

Auto Buy

As soon as a new signal is posted, Anny will monitor the price and place a buy order on your behalf as soon as the buy conditions are met.

The auto sell feature

Auto Sell

Set your target profit and relax. Anny will monitor the price and take profit with a limit or market sell order when your target profit is reached.

The auto stop loss feature

Auto Stop Loss

Trade safe with auto stop loss, Anny detects the execution of your buy order and adds the signal stop loss order automatically.

The trailing stop loss and take profit feature

Trailing Take Profit

Anny is an expert on combining trailing stop-loss with take profit orders. Aim for the highest targets while securing your profit by selling a portion of your balance.

The signals feature

Manage Unlimited Signals

Anny helps you manage as many signals from as many signal providers you need.

The report feature

Profitability Reports

Anny consolidates your position on all your active signals to provide you with profit/loss overview, broken down by signal provider and coin trade.

What our customers are saying

After testing many bots to achieve the dream of automated trading I can say that Anny without doubt is the bot that has been achieving this dream with most efficiency. I've been using Anny for months to manage every burden of day trading. Today I do 100% of my trades using my phone, from anywhere and I have Anny managing everything and keeping me informed of everything at all times. And I mean everything, she buys, sets the stop loss and sells in the way I configured her to proceed. It's really incredible, the best part is the fact that she is there, on Telegram and in the palm of my hands bringing me practicality and complete efficiency. I really improved my results leaving Anny in charge and without my emotions on the way! Congratulations to everyone involved in Anny's project, she is simply amazing, thank you! I recommend to anyone.... Show more
Wagner Jr.Wagner Jr.
Home Trader
Anny is simply amazing! When I started to user her I was completely iliterate about bots and that didn't stop me from loving her 🥰. The artificial inteligence makes her self explanatory and really easy to use on day trading, she manages the signals, let you set your own strategy in accordance with the market moment in crypto trading. With all this technology I have more time to study, perfom my analysis, leisure and much more. I hope you try her and allow her to become as indipensable to you as she is to me. 😉... Show more
Jaqueline MognagaJaqueline Mognaga
Pro Trader

Secure and Private

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We encrypt your data using an asymmetric key algorithm, the same security principle of the Blockchain technology. We transfer data using secure SSL/TLS encryption.

Cloud Based

Cloud solution

Anny lives on high performant and secure Amazon AWS servers in Germany and operates 24/7 at lighting speed.

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10 USD/Month
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The basic kit to automate your signals.

  • Create your own signals
  • Connect with 1 signal provider
  • 60 signals/month
  • Signal monitoring for 10 days
  • Automatic entry (long/short)
  • Automatic stop loss
  • Trailing take profit
  • Remote control
  • Manual trading
  • Profitability reports

PRO Plan

40 USD/Month
25 USD/Month

Unlimited signals and trades.

  • All free features
  • Unlimited signal providers
  • Unlimited signals/month
  • Signal monitoring for 15 days

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